Speech based Interaction for Vehicle Navigation System

Industrial Partner: TPL Trakker Ltd.

Speech is the most natural form of human communication. Adding speech recognition capabilities to any computer user interface can greatly increase its user friendliness and customer acceptance. In-car navigation systems can particularly benefit from this technology. Using his voice, a driver would be able to ask the navigation system to find the route to a particular address. Based on this input, the navigation system calculates the route and a computer-generated voice guides the user towards the desired destination. In this project we are integrating such speech-based interaction to the TPL navigation system. This functionality is provided in Urdu and English language (Pakistani accent). These features will be integrated in client's Android maps app and in-car navigation system - Urdu Speech Recognition Online Dictation Service

Industrial Partner: Subuk is the first Urdu online voice typing service. Users can also search their spoken query in Google maps, or post on twitter etc. using this website's interface

Urdu Speech Recognition for Audio Surveillance

Industrial Partner: National Radio and Telecommunications Corporation (NRTC)

We are developing Urdu speech recognition system that can do keyword and phrase based surveillance in calls and broadcasts

National Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Project Website

Dr. M. Ali Tahir is also working as co-PI in Deep Learning Lab, National Centre for Artificial Intelligence. Within the scope of this project, we are developing speech recognition and NLP based surveillance solutions for broadcast videos